Bitefirst - What we do

BiteFirst provides IT services to charities/non-profit, small and medium size organisations (e.g. medical research departments) in London, Norfolk and online with a primary focus on bespoke development of secure database driven WEB (Rails, Python, PostgreSQL) based applications to support back office business functions such as large volume simulations, billing, recruitment, reporting and database analysis. Cloud based solutions that are secure, fast and accessible from PCs, Tablets or Smartphones. 

Projects have included:

  • Large application forms, complex validation and administration process for joining medical studies and requesting research data for TwinksUK / Kings College London
  • Web interface, virus gene simulaton and analysis tools using netMHCpan4.1 results showing virus/HLA interaction for IAVI / Imperial. Bootstrap, Ruby Rails, Python & PostgreSQL integration on Ubuntu.
  • Database ETL and Reports work in SQL Server, Snowflake, Python, Google APIs & PostgreSQL at ParkinsonsUK
  • Google Sheets reporting using data pushed using Google API from SQL Server, Snowflake, Postgres
  • Clinic website for using SiteInABox
  • Accounting system in Norfolk for Invoice production and the debt management process (data mining of billing systems, workflow, letter production, reporting etc.)
  • Recruitment solution in London with both a public WEB site and a back office solution to manage the recruitment process (client data, jobs, candidate data, adverts etc). 
  • Mobile First - user editable responsive Websites that work on smartphones, tablets and PCs  
  • Add hoc consultancy understanding companies existing IT situation and advising potential changes to add value.

If you have a current or potential business need for a WEB site or a more complex solution, advice is free, just make contact via email.


News: Bulk Gene Sequence Formatting, Modelling (NetMHCpan) & Data Management

Have infrastructure and skills to prepare (Biopython), process and manage (PostgreSQL) the results for large scale NetMHCpan gene sequence simulations (e.g., 1000s of sequences, multiple HLA, results in billions in databases). Pro bono support work undertaken.  

News: SARS-CoV-2 and HIV Vaccine Papers Published

SARS-CoV-2 Paper "Sampling SARS-CoV-2 proteomes for predicted CD8 T-cell epitopes as a tool for understanding immunogenic breadth and rationale vaccine design" :

Utilizing Computational Machine Learning Tools to Understand Immunogenic Breadth in the Context of a CD8 T-Cell Mediated HIV Response." (see

NEWS: Virus Analysis Tool

Delivered an Immunogenic Breadth Prediction Tool (IBPT) tool for IAVI and Imperial that evaluates virus proteome diversity (SARS_CoV_2 and HIV to date). Web (Rails) user interface to a PostgreSQL database on Unix server running NetMHCpan simulations and bespoke Python analysis programs. Large quantities of NetMHCpan simulations were run on multiple low cost virtual Unix cloud servers.