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Site In A Box

Site In A Box enables Websites to be quickly created with text, pictures, videos, maps and then have the site work correctly on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. This can be achieved without the need for coding or managing WEB servers. Site In A Box is a Cloud service that lets people to quickly create and update their own WEB site. The service enables user to setup their own WEB site with basic content, pictures and a location map in a few minutes. The WEB site content can then be delivered in an optimised format for either PCs, tablets or Smartphone such as the Iphone.

There are many other great web building solutions for which you'll pay a monthly fee (e.g. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix) . The advantage of the Bitefirst SiteInABox is that additional features such as forms and databases (e.g. recruitment) can be readily added. 

Users can readily update the site themselves from a Smartphone or a Desktop PC. The site is designed to optimise images and layout to minimise the data downloaded to a Smartphone. The website user experience is fast and easy to use. As new features are developed all Websites can make use of it through minor configuration they can do themselves.

This WEB site, , is produced and delivered via Site In A Box. Other sites include  and

The system can be readily extended to support bespoke requirements (e.g. collect, manage and display data held in a database).

Mobile Ready on desktop, iPad and iPhone on desktop, iPad and iPhone

SiteInABox enables mobile ready sites to be created, but still supporting legacy desktops (tongue in check - but watch this space). See the same content from in image above deployed on different devices (windows desktop, apple iPad and iPhone). 

Other sites include:

this website

Case Study: Richard Hoods

Richard Hodds Electrical

Richard Hodds Electrical

Richard needed a basic WEB fast. Using Site In A Box is was a quick and easy task, Richard's own smartphone providing most images. is up and running. Focus shifted to improving ratings on the search engines through the use of social media (facebook, google+, LinkinIn, Twitter etc.). Many techniques were implemented to improve search engine indexing following the google guide to building sites (meta tags, site maps, human readable URLs/slugs, breadcrumbs etc).

Outcome, if you put "Richard Hodds Electrician" in Google, the web site comes high in the results list. Note: google's search criteria does change over time and is not published, plus many Ads now pay to get higher in the results.

The site is fully responsive in that it can be readily read from PCs, tablets and smartphones.